Alpena Sponsorship Opportunities

We’re looking for people who want to try, test and experience the latest in automotive LED lighting!

The Deal

  • Become part of our BETA testing team. Be the first to have the newest product from Alpena.
  • Enjoy a 20% discount off of Alpena.ca products with the potential of a FULL REFUND if our criteria is met.
  • Social media shoutouts on @AlpenaAutomotive Facebook & Instagram with submitted content.
  • We may feature your images on our website, packaging, or promotional materials.


Should you be chosen for our sponsorship program we will require the following from you:
  • Your ship-to address (no PO boxes) so we can send you some awesome LED lights!
  • 5 social media shout-outs (Tag @AlpenaAutomotive) on your account(s) with images featuring our product
  • High resolution versions of the images you posted. These may be used by us for social media shoutouts and website, packaging, or promotional materials. High resolution means a file size from 1-10MB in JPEG format, crisp focus, and defined lighting. If you have questions ask us and we can provide samples!

Sign me up!

To be considered for an Alpena Sponsorship, please submit the following information to sponsorships@alpena.ca
  • Your full name or group name
  • Links to your social accounts
  • Location (Canada or the USA)
  • What products you would like to test
  • The make and model of your vehicle(s)
  • What makes you great for sponsorship
Should you be chosen for a sponsorship opportunity, you will be contacted via email directly by us!